Women Give San Diego funds and engages with San Diego nonprofits that benefit:

• Low-income and Working Poor Women, including Transition Age Youth, Pregnant & Parenting Teens


• Immigrant, Undocumented, Unauthorized Immigrant & Refugee Women


• Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Exploitation & Human Trafficking


• Elderly Women in Economic Crisis


• Military Women & Wives




The well being and success of San Diego depends on the economic self-sufficiency and security of all women and girls. Women Give San Diego advocates for the economic self-sufficiency and security of low-income women and girls in San Diego County.




Of the 1.6 Million Women and Girls that Live in San Diego:

• 250,000 live in poverty • 80,000 live in extreme poverty

• 84,000 women 65 and older do not have sufficient income to meet their basic needs

• 80,000 are single mothers with children under 18

• 60,000 are currently unemployed

• 11,500 are active duty military

• 22,609 are female veterans

• 50,000 are military wives