What We Do

Women Give San Diego is a non-profit organization with 130 members. We fund programs that help women and girls of San Diego achieve economic self-sufficiency. Through our 7 working committees, we work to identify and assist our grant partners, educate and advocate for women’s issues, and mentor each other to create close working and personal relationships.

Our Mission

Women Give San Diego (WGSD) funds non-profit organizations in San Diego County that offer underserved women and girls the opportunity to become fully engaged in the prosperity of their local communities. Women Give San Diego also advocates for public awareness of women’s economic issues and policy change at the local and state level. WGSD’s model for change balances education, community collaboration and advocacy, and strategic, effective grantmaking.

Women Helping Women

Of the 1.6 million women who live in San Diego...

  • 270,000 live in poverty
  • 80,000 are single mothers

Our Impact

In the past 9 years, Women Give San Diego has granted $700,000 to 26 organizations in San Diego, funding programs which promote economic self-sufficiency for women and girls.


Our Areas of Focus

  • Low-income and working poor women
  • Transition age youth, pregnant & parenting teens
  • Immigrant and refugee women
  • Victims of domestic violence, sexual exploitation & human trafficking
  • Elderly women in economic crisis
  • Military women & wives
  • Why Women?

    Women are more likely to share their economic gains with their families and communities at large – thus potentially making investment in women and girls a leveraged granting opportunity, no matter what your specific giving area focus. A woman’s economic autonomy is impacted by her level of education and conditions in the workforce, such as availability of health insurance, pension plans, family friendly work environments and flextime.

  • How We Help

    Women Give San Diego funds organizations who elevate the economic status of women by providing access to or direct education, job training, supportive networks and availability of needed resources. We believe that when women thrive, their communities, state, nation and world also thrive.


Get involved!

Become a member – join a leadership team – come to our next event.   Make a difference in the lives of SD women and girls!

The Benefits of Membership


Build relationships and collaborate with other like-minded women:

  • Work together to make a difference in our community and change the lives of low income women and girls in San Diego.
  • Become true partners with the organizations and programs we support with our grants.
  • Learn about our vulnerable populations through panel discussions with experts


Women Give San Diego encourages members to get involved to help make our impact on the local community so much stronger:

  • Join one or more of our Leadership Teams to deepen relationships, share time, talent and passion.
  • Share your skills in one of our mentorship programs.


Help celebrate our success through:

  • Bi-monthly programs
  • Casual program socials
  • Mentorship dinners
  • Annual grants celebration
  • Annual holiday party

Building Bridges to Economic Self-Sufficiency

Every year Women Give San Diego funds programs for women which target several of our key focus areas. Our over-arching program goals are:

Developing skills to improve financial literacy and poverty prevention

Preparing women for first time employment or jobs in higher paying fields

Maintaining Independence, Social Welfare and Economic Security for all Women

Meet our Grantees from 2018

This year’s recipients received a total of $110,000 for their programs, all of which help San Diego’s women and girls become economically self-sufficient.

Casa Cornelia

Our grant supports the Victim of Crimes program, which provides no-cost, quality legal services to indigent, undocumented victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, and other serious crimes.


Casa de Amparo

Our grant supports programs that assist female foster youth and transition age youth as they age out of the system and make their way towards independence through one-on-one case management and trauma care, education support, and job readiness training.


MANA de San Diego

Women Give San Diego is supporting a mentorship program that guides Latinas from at-risk backgrounds from middle school through college and a leadership program for Latina professionals looking to advance in their careers.


UCSD Center for Community Health, Refugee Health Unit

Our grant supports a community-based participatory research study that will build collective understanding and knowledge of how gender (and other factors) has impacted economic, educational and leadership opportunities for refugee women and girls in our community.

Image Grant History

Apply for a grant from Women Give San Diego

Women Give San Diego will be accepting Letters of Intent beginning November 26, 2018. All letters must be submitted by January 6, 2019. Please click on the link below to apply and to learn more about our funding strategies and practices.

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We're So Glad You Want to Help!

By becoming a member or simply donating to Women Give San Diego, your contribution will help women and girls of San Diego achieve success in their own right. 100% of our membership contributions go directly to our grant program. Together, we can make a difference!

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Holiday Celebration @ Francis Parker School - Nicholas Commons
Jan 7 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Join Women Give San Diego friends at our annual celebration of good friends and good works. The casual after-the-holidays holiday party is a perfect opportunity to enjoy food and friendship. You also will have a lighthearted chance to match wits while testing your knowledge of our philanthropic reach in the last nine years. The Community Engagement Team will continue to ...

Recent Events

Exploring the Gender and Sexuality Spectrum

November 7, 2018

  • 40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ, most having left or been kicked out of unsupportive homes.

With these statistics in mind and after discussing gender and sexuality at San Diego Grantmakers’ recent Summit on Advancing Gender Equity, we thought it would be worthwhile to explore this conversation further with a panel of local community leaders and our members. Our thanks to Chrissy Cmorik, Education Outreach Manager from Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest, Caroline Dessert, Esq., Chief Executive Officer of the San Diego LGBT Community Center, and Amanda Le, Policy Associate at ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties for sharing their insights with us and leading us in a thoughtful conversation about how we can be better allies and advocates for our community. As Caroline so succinctly pointed out, “Gender is who we are and sexuality is who we like.” Yet discrimination against these expressions of self and emotional connections lead to a myriad of issues for many in our community, often increasing challenges local residents may already be addressing due to their income, race/religion, status, or country of origin. In addition, as funders looking to support these communities, we can find ways to be more inclusive in our interactions and support. Some ways include:

  • Consider sexuality and gender as spectrums, not either/or but as a panorama of expressions. Millennials have a higher rate identifying within this community and some also express not having a gender or sexual preference at all.
  • “It’s not just about pronouns.” But introducing ourselves with our preferred pronouns can help open up the conversation with others.
  • Look at ways you can be more inclusive at work, from everything like job applications and bathroom/lounge areas to inclusive language in your communications pieces.

The panel also discussed many recent legislative victories that have helped to: provide a third gender marker on birth certificates and drivers licenses; expand comprehensive sexual education in charter schools; and ensured transgender individuals will be legally recognized as who they are while incarcerated. The WGSD Education and Advocacy Team will be following similar legislation as it pertains to LGBTQ rights within the communities we serve and fund and our Leadership Team will be reviewing ways WGSD can be more inclusive in our grantmaking.

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