Celebrating our 2013 Grant Partners

Member Blog

One of our most inspiring gatherings each year is our Grants Celebration. Thanks to the financial support of our members, Women Give San Diego is granting $85,000 into our community to three vital community programs, supporting underserved women and girls in our community; The Southwestern College Micro-enterprise Family Childcare Program, Casa Cornelia and the Women’s Resource Center.

On March 6th our members gathered to celebrate, honor and learn more about our three grantees. This special event was purposefully held at the Women’s Museum of California in Liberty Station whose mission is to educate and inspire present and future generations about the experiences and contributions of women collecting, preserving and interpreting the evidence of that experience.

As members mingled, they also enjoyed delicious food graciously provided by Ganosh Gourmet. Owner, Wendy Sanger McGuire focuses her business on bringing home-made, health food to your home or office and turning hunger into happiness.

The program to introduce our new grant partners was filled with stories from women whose lives have been transformed by the programs that these organizations provide. As usual, you could have heard a pin drop in the room as our members listened to these stories with an open heart and tear-filled eyes.

In case you missed the program allow us to introduce to you our 2013 Grant Partners:

The Southwestern College Micro-enterprise Family Childcare Program creates economic self-sufficiency among socioeconomically disadvantaged Spanish-speaking women by providing no-cost certification courses on how to establish licensed childcare business in their own homes. Women Give support will ensure that approximately 30 women each semester (approximately 60 a year) are equipped for self-employment and entrepreneurship; their proven success also creates a ripple effect in the community, allowing other women with children to go to work.

Casa Cornelia provides pro bono legal services to indigent immigrant victims of human and civil rights violations, and to educate others regarding the impact of immigration law and policy on the public good. By removing barriers (poverty, abuse, fear) to quality legal representation, these women and their children are able to become independent of their abusive situation and enter the workforce and become engaged members of the community. Women Give funding will support approximately
200 women and their families.

Based in North County, Women’s Resource Center’s Transition House provides a case-managed, supportive environment for victims of domestic violence and their children, where women are able to focus on employment training, budgeting, money management, life skills, counseling, on-site education, and other supportive services. Women Give support will ensure that approximately 50 and their children will move from shelter life to self-sufficiency in a safe, secure, stable living environment.

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