Stories and Insights Revealed by Three Successful Entrepreneurs

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Whole_Room_Panel_DiscussionEven before the holiday season kicked off, Women Give San Diego was reminded how much we have to be thankful for as members and guests gathered together for a fantastic event of good times, good food, and good people. The theme? Stories and Insights Revealed by Three Successful Entrepreneurs. This panel, facilitated by Julie Dubick, was comprised of three remarkable women and WGSD members: Gayle Tauber, Pamela Mudd, and Barbara Bry.

Through an active discussion that was both light-hearted and meaningful, we learned what inspired these women to be entrepreneurs, what led to their success, how they handled setbacks, and the impact that launching a business had on their personal and familial lives. Julie Dubick’s questions probed into the heart of valuable professional and personal lessons. and the panel covered themes such as survival, reinvention, risk, timing, and experiencing life.

Women_Enjoying_MeetingHere are a few pieces of advice that these inspiring women shared:

  • Be sure to know what it is you don’t know–and partner or hire to fill those gaps.

  • A good business plan can be a road map that you can keep coming back to, even as you adapt to changing conditions.

  • To think from a sales perspective is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes–what do they want? what do they need?

  • You’re never going to be able to do it all; to prioritize, ask yourself “what are the most important things to spend money on?” – because that’s what it is to spend time on something

  • Be humble

  • On handling moments of doubt, keep reminding yourself: “My goal is more important than my feelings of vulnerability.”

  • Entrepreneurship is not for everyone–it takes guts!

Delicious_FoodIn true WGSD fashion, the event was both comfortable and awe-inspiring. It was yet another example of how this group cultivates an inclusive atmosphere of genuine peer empowerment and women-to-women support.

Note: For those who were unable to attend, here is a VIDEO highlighting the event, and below is a brief recap of the success that each of these women has achieved:

  • Barbara Bry: Co-Founder, Atcom, the leader in developing high-speed Internet access in hotel rooms; Founding management team member of which became Provide Commerce, an e-commerce company focused on selling perishable food products as gifts, and Founding Member, Women Give San Diego

  • Pamela Mudd: Co-Founder, Musicmatch , the first digital jukebox and music service and Founding Member and Treasurer, Women Give San Diego.

  • Gayle Tauber: Co-Founder Kashi Company, maker of cereal and grain-based food products; Partner, Vince’s Gym, a L.A. bodybuilding institution that popularized bodybuilding for women; Co-Founder, California Specialties, a company that popularized indoor plants and trees in the U.S., and Co-Founder, Women Give San Diego

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