Career Fair Volunteering at United Women of East Africa

Member Blog

We thank Women Give San Diego member Susanne Marczak for sharing her recent experience as a volunteer for our United Women of East Africa grant partner!

United Women of East AfricaLast month I had the opportunity to participate in a career panel for the Girl Scout troop of the United Women of East Africa in City Heights. What a great experience it was to learn about the ambitions and interests of all the girls, who ranged from kindergarteners to seniors in high school, as well as to share our own experiences in our particular fields. It was also interesting to hear more about the careers and passions of my fellow Women Give members!

I was incredibly impressed with how thoughtful the girls’ questions and comments were in every age group. Some of the girls were so funny – one of my fellow Women Give members presents the weather forecast on a local news channel, and after talking about her job she asked if anyone had any questions; an 8 year old girl replied, “What’s the weather tomorrow?” That made us all laugh.

I would like to extend a big thank you to the troop leader of the Girl Scouts troop as well as the staff and volunteers of the United Women of East Africa. They hosted us with so much warmth and made us feel very welcomed. The fresh sambusas, donuts and hot chai tea they made were great too!

I’m thankful to have been a part of this opportunity to expose these girls to different career options. It would be amazing if someone was able to discover a new interest or passion because of it. I know all the girls we met that day have a bright future ahead of them, no matter what career they choose.