Alternative Facts – New Reality

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Recently, the Communications Committee hosted an event at Hera Hub in Sorrento Valley called Alternative Facts – New Reality. The purpose of this discussion was to learn how to distinguish between biased news from fact-based reporting so that we can be better informed. We were fortunate to have Lorie Hearn, founder of inewsource and career journalist, and Brad Racino, an award winning reporter at inewsource, join us to lead this event.

Inewsource is a non-profit, non-partisan news organization that focuses on data-driven reporting. We learned what biased, or fake, news looks like and how to avoid it. We also learned where we can go to fact check items which don’t ring true. Finally we discovered how to find data-driven news, or news based on actual, verifiable sources. After the presentation, we had an excellent discussion, with many good questions raised and answered, and additional information shared.

To read more information about this important topic from inewsource, please click here.