California Women’s Well-Being Index

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If you’ve ever questioned whether the work that Women Give San Diego does is vitally important, a new study by the California Budget and Policy Center and the Women’s Foundation of California will dispel any doubts. They have created a California Women’s Well-Being Index, which provides a comprehensive measure of how well women are doing in each of the state’s 58 counties.  San Diego is a wealthy county with a robust economy, and you would expect the women of San Diego to share somewhat equally in its success.  Yet despite decades of progress, women in San Diego still face disparities in employment and income equality, access to health care, and political representation.

The study measured 5 dimensions of well-being by giving them a value from 0-100.  They then ranked each county.  The San Diego results were as follows:

  Value (out of 100) Rank (out of 58)
Overall Well-Being Index 57.1 20
Health Dimension 54.7 26
Personal Safety Dimension 84.1 13
Employment and Earnings 60.4 16
Economic Security Dimension 47.8 33
Political Empowerment 38.3 22


To see the full report on San Diego, please click here.  To see the full report on California as well as the methodology employed, please click here.

Our work remains critically important to women and girls of San Diego, and we remain very grateful to all of our members for your continued support.