Surviving (and Thriving) in Male Dominated Industries

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General Membership Meeting March 6th

The Communications Committee hosted a panel by three of our Women Give members entitled “Surviving and Thriving in Male-Dominated Industries”.  The panelists included Karin Winner, who began her career as a journalist and concluded as the first woman editor of the San Diego Union Tribune, Christine Oster, who spent several decades at Intel, from its beginning through to its current dominant position as a high tech powerhouse, and Blossom Sanger, who was a successful anesthesiologist in the very male-dominated medical world. 

The discussion, led by moderator Judy Bee, touched on topics such as pay inequity, unfair treatment, personal sacrifices, and mentorship.  An animated discussion followed the panelists’ stories in which we discussed the idea of “Leaning In” and career advancement in the age of the Me Too movement.

The panel was a great example of the value of Women Give’s multi-generational membership model and how we can learn from and help each other.

For full bios of our panelists, please click here.