We Will Be Better. We Will Do Better.

Member Blog

Dear Members,

Grief, pain, frustration, anger.  We Americans have been awakened by the violent and inhumane deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and, sadly, countless other innocent Black women and men over the years. We stand unequivocally against racism, injustice, and inequality – structural roadblocks that have negated Black involvement as equally participating and contributing participants of our national community. We do stand with our Black community members. We stand with peaceful protestors everywhere.

Position statements are not enough. Being sad and outraged is not enough. We must propel our emotions into action in micro and macro ways to make the comprehensive and systemic changes we have been unable to make to this day.  Women Give San Diego and our members are committed to creating a diverse and Inclusive community, one that works with strategic and focused intent to welcome and include women of color who are now not measurably represented within our membership.  We want to be part of a society that lifts up and works for everyone, not just for some.

We are planning on reengaging our efforts with our Diversity, Inclusion and Equity team to reach our goals. And, with strategic intent, we will create safe places for all members to express themselves, so that everyone will have the opportunity to experience fulfillment in service to our community and to each other.

In the coming days, weeks and months, we will be looking hard at our values and revising them to deliver on these promises. And, we will work to offer programming for our members and grant partners to educate and engage everyone in equity work. WE WILL DO MORE. We are holding ourselves as WGSD Leadership accountable, holding WGSD as an organization accountable, and we ask that you, our members, hold us accountable as well. We welcome our members to come forward with suggestions or insights on how we might deliver on these renewed commitments.

Please join with us in opening your hearts and minds to this important work by making a commitment to stand up for social and economic justice, and positive change, in our community and beyond.

We are on this journey together, so we encourage you to reach out and share ideas as to how we can do better and be better. Should you need support during this difficult time, we would like a chance to help. We need each other.

Together, we can create a more equitable and just community, but the change must start with us.

In solidarity,

WGSD Leadership