The Women Give San Diego 2017 Grants Cycle is now closed.

Check back to this page often to learn about our next funding cycle.
Following are the focus areas for the last grant cycle and our grant eligibility criteria.

Strategies We Are Looking to Fund Include:
  • Financial and Asset Development
  • Financial Growth and Capacity
  • Maintaining Independence, Social Welfare and Economic Security for Women Aged 65 and Older
Organizations We Are Looking to Fund Support Women and Girls Economic Security and Sustainability By:
  • Equipping women for sustainable self-employment and entrepreneurship
  • Preparing women for first time employment or to work in higher paying fields e.g. job skills development and training, career planning and development, exploration of living wage non-traditional or under represented career paths
  • Removing barriers to employment e.g. cultural and societal including those effecting lgbtq
  • Support economic self-sufficiency and asset –building among women and their families e.g. financial literacy, poverty prevention
  • Utilize economic development strategies that demonstrate consideration of the intersection of race, gender, class, age and sexuality in program planning and implementation
  • Advocating at local and state levels for policy and systemic change that improve women’s financial success and stability and their ability to achieve immediate and long-term economic self-sufficiency e.g. pay equity, removing legal barriers to joining the workforce
Grant Eligibility Criteria:
  • Must be working for change in one or more of our Priority Action Areas as outlined on our home page.
  • Geographic Range San Diego County
  • Programs eligible for funding must be predominantly female focused.
  • Priority will be given to organizations in which women are the primary decision makers.
  • Must demonstrate outcomes that contribute to women’s economic self-sufficiency and security.
  • Gives voice to female constituents at all levels, and be willing to implement their ideas for change within the organization’s structure and programs.
  • WGSD encourages collaborative efforts between non-profit organizations to leverage greater impact than would be accomplished individually.
  • Formal 501(c )(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organizations, as well as informal groups of women or emerging groups of women or organizations that can secure the cooperation of a 501 ( c)(3) organization willing to serve as a fiscal sponsor, are eligible to apply for WGSD funding.
Grant Exclusions or Restrictions
  • Healthcare programs or concerns
  • Organizations or Activities, which use religion or religious teachings as integral part of programmatic materials or content, or as a means of determining eligibility for service.
  • Retro-active funding
  • Reduction of an operating deficit or to liquidate existing debt
  • Agencies of state of federal government
  • Organizations or groups that oppose a woman’s right to self-determination
  • Fundraising events
  • Individuals
  • Capital campaigns
  • Organizations outside of San Diego County
  • After two continuous years of funding from Women Give San Diego, an organization is ineligible to apply again until one year from the last year of WG funding. These organizations will be eligible to re-apply for grant support after the off year has elapsed.
Size and Duration of Grants

Grants will range between $5,000 and $20,000 per year for two consecutive years.

WGSD anticipates inviting select organizations to submit full RFP’s in January, 2018.
For more information, please email

Thank you for your interest in building better lives for women and girls in San Diego County.