WGSD Leadership Teams

Members are encouraged to participate on leadership teams that best fit individual interests and talents. A member may join as many teams as desired and may contribute as many or as few hours as preferred. To become a co-chair, the member should have spent at least a year participating on the committee.

Advocacy and Education Team
Co-Chairs Carrie Holst and Lenise Andrade

Contact: advocacy@womengivesd.org

The purpose of the Advocacy Education team is to capture essential information about how legislation affects women in achieving self-sufficiency. The team educates WGSD members by sharing this information through general meetings or breakout sessions. They work with legislative officials to develop creative solutions and build support for initiatives that positively impact the lives of low-income women and their families. The team monitors legislative activities, meets regularly with legislators and their staff, and plans presentations that feature local legislators or community representatives. The team also encourages members to learn about the Women’s Policy Institute, a vital project of the Women’s Foundation of California.

Communications Team
Co-chairs Judy Bee & Andrea Roggenkamp

Contact: Contact: communications@womengivesd.org

The purpose of the Communications Team is to efficiently and consistently communicate information within our membership and to the wider San Diego community.

Our team uses many methods to communicate and educate! We post events and information to Facebook, upload pictures to Instagram, engage our membership and others through our website, write blogs about the impact of our work on our grantees, take photos and videos of members and events, and write a monthly newsletter.

Community Engagement Team
Co-chairs Sarah Tipple & Alyson Wright

Contact: communityengagement@womengivesd.org

The purpose of the Community Engagement Team is to create opportunities for membership to engage with organizations in the community that are aligned with WGSD’s mission. The team identifies and connects WGSD members with volunteer opportunities that allow them to interact with grantees and partner agencies in a meaningful way. The Community Engagement Team hosts events that bring together WGSD members and grant partners in a space of learning and collaboration. Events may include workshops, mixers and team building activities.

Events Team
Co-Chairs Nikki Kolupailo & Stacey de la Riva

Contact: events@womengivesd.org

The purpose of the Events Team is to plan, coordinate and implement the logistics related to all WGSD events and meetings, working closely with the Co-Presidents and the other Team Co-Chairs. The Events Team meets regularly to plan empowering, meaningful, and fun events for WGSD.

Grants Team
Co-Chairs Tavette Neskorik & Amanda Estrada

Contact: grants@womengivesd.org

The purpose of the Grants Team is to design and implement a thorough and effective granting process that includes: identifying granting priority action areas, recruiting potential grantees and evaluating proposals through a thoughtful, democratic, and efficient process. Members of the Grants Team examine potential grantees’ capacity to further WGSD’s mission to improve the economic self-sufficiency and security of women and girls in San Diego County.

Membership Team
Co-Chairs Janie Anderson & Liliane Lendvai

Contact: membership@womengivesd.org

The purpose of the Membership Team is to assure that WGSD maintains a strong and diverse membership. We welcome new members with phone calls and a welcome packet, conduct orientation sessions, monitor membership trends/data, contact guests who attend our events to encourage their future membership with WGSD, and we stay engaged with current members to encourage their attendance at our events year round.

Mentorship Team
C0-Chairs Mary Siegrist and Lisa Farnan

Contact: mentorship@womengivesd.org

The purpose of the Mentorship Team is to provide mentoring to WGSD members of all ages, recognizing the importance of learning across generations. The team provides programs that focus on support, leadership, risk-taking, and advice for women young or mature. The team honors Jan Tuttleman, WGSD co-founder, who loved mentoring women. The team sponsors special events including dinners, panel discussions, guest speakers, and interactive programs that focus on mentorship.