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Women Give San Diego presents 2015 WGSD Grantees!

Thanks to the diligent work of your Grants Team, and the generosity of the WGSD membership, we are able to award $100,000 in grants to four quality programs serving women and girls in San Diego County this year!

$20,000 to Dreams for Change
Dreams for Change provides a safe parking environment and supportive services for transitional homeless living in their vehicles for overnight stays. Family advocates construct an action plan with each participant placing emphasis on permanent housing solutions, employment, training, emergency supports and asset stabilization and building.

$30,000 to International Rescue Committee
IRC helps low-income refugee women recover from war and attain financial independence in San Diego. Through the Center for Financial Opportunity, IRC uses economic empowerment programming to help women and their families climb—and stay—out of poverty through education, access to entrepreneurship opportunities, and employment training.

$20,000 to Leap to Success
Leap to Success helps women recover from abuse by: increasing confidence, improving readiness and capacity to become employed, learn decision-making skills, create abuse-free relationships, and develop pathways to become employed and self-sufficient.

$30,000 to North County Lifeline
Project LIFE (Living in Freedom from Exploitation) is a North County Lifeline human trafficking prevention and intervention program. Through education and case management, this program helps victims transition from victim to survivor with the ultimate goal of physical and mental recovery, and permanent self-reliance.

Congratulations to us all

Some 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year, a number that is growing. 14,500 to 17,500 slaves are trafficked into the US annually, most of them women, teenagers and children (Fischer, 2010).

Fischer, Mary (2010). Freedom Fighter: Tracy Cormier is on the front lines of a war against slavery right here in America. Reader’s Digest, pg. 130.

Women Give San Diego held a forum for past grant recipients. Learn about the issues faced by women with limited financial resources from local organizations who have created unique programs to empower financially challenged women in our community!

Moderator: Dede Alpert, Former State Senator


Ann Durst, Founder, Casa Cornelia Law Centers
Casa Cornelia Law Center is a public interest law firm providing quality pro bono legal services to victims of human and civil rights violations.

Patricia Bartow, Southwestern College Microenterprise Family Childcare Program
This program creates economic self-sufficiency among socioeconomically disadvantages Spanish-speaking women by providing no-cost certification courses on how to establish licensed childcare business in their own homes.

Sue Reynolds, President & CEO, Community Housing Works
Designed to transform the lies of 150-200 women by delivering asset building services that focus not only on providing knowledge, but the ongoing support and partnership needed to empower real financial capability growth. met to hear the moderator, Julie Dubick, interview Barbara Bry, Pam Mudd and Gayle Tauber about their stories and insights regarding their experiences as entrepreneurs. Many questions were asked about the sort of obstacles each went through, what advice they would give, how to fund, where the support came from and when to sell! This is a real exclusive look into business through the eyes of success.


Women Give of San Diego. The Education and Advocacy Leadership Teams presents: An inspiring evening about legislation and its impact on the working poor. Distinguished speakers, San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria and State Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez are on location.


The Education Leadership Team presents the Social and Cultural, Health Care, and Employment issues affecting women in the immigrant/refugee population community in San Diego.

• Zara Marselian, CEO and co-founder of La Maestra Community Health Centers and La Maestra Foundation. With over 25 years experience with community organizations and nonprofits, Zara has been recognized locally and nationally for her health and social services advocacy for diverse populations. Her 2010 book, The Soul Speaks, highlights eleven immigrants in San Diego, who share their stories of struggle, oppression, and survival.

• Sahra Abdi, director of United Women of East Africa Support Team (UWEAST). A Somali refugee herself, she is passionate about education and character building. As a program coordinator at the City Heights Wellness Center, she oversaw a program, providing education and support for Somali and East African mothers. In 2006, The California Wellness Foundation recognized Sahra’s work by naming her a California Peace Prize Honoree.

• Amina Farah, Case Manager at the International Rescue Committee (IRC), focusing on refugee resettlement and health advocacy. Prior to IRC, Amina was a Coordinator of the Somali Women’s Program in Women’s Health Institute Toronto. Amina has a BS University of Phoenix in Social Sciences with emphasis in Health and Human Services, and is a MSW candidate from the University of Southern California in May 2015.