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Grant Opportunity with San Diego Social Venture Partners

San Diego Social Venture Partners (SDSVP) is seeking to invest in nonprofit organizations that serve the following populations in the San Diego Community:

1) Organizations, collaboratives, or partnerships helping underserved children ages 0 to 8 to lead healthier, safer, and eventually more productive lives, with a focus on prevention and/or early education.
2) Organizations, collaboratives, or partnerships working with underserved teens and youth ages 14 to 24, with a focus on the prevention of lifelong poverty and homelessness.

We encourage an organization to submit a Letter of Interest if their mission focuses on either of these areas, or if you have an individual program in either of these areas. The submission deadline for the Letter of Interest is 12 pm on Friday, January 3, 2014.

SDSVP will invest $75,000 over a three-year period to two non-profit organizations, collaboratives, or partnerships. In addition, our members provide professional support and expertise valued at over $300,000 per Investee. A description of our application process, including the Grant Application Guidelines and Letter of Interest Form, can be found on the SDSVP website. Click Here for more Information

Giving Circles: More Impact to Go Around

INSIDE the red-brick St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in North Philadelphia, more than a century old, the walls, lined with stained glass windows, reverberate with the haunting strains of a chorus of middle schoolers singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Read More

WGSD Research Report Statistics of Vulnerable Populations

Updated commissioned research condensed into a 9-page statistical report on San Diego County’s six vulnerable populations in regards to women and girls. If you missed our September membership meeting, here’s an opportunity to catch up on some reading regarding the needs of women and girls in San Diego. Read More

Women Give San Diego Featured in Giving Back Magazine

Women Give San Diego Attaining Self-Sufficiency and Security

Women Give San Diego takes the position that families and communities flourish when women and girls thrive as fully contributing members of the community. Believing that investing in women as solution builders and leaders accelerates a shift toward equity and justice and yields exponential returns.

Women Give San Diego, a Donor Circle of the Women’s Foundation of California, funds non-profit organizations in San Diego County that offer underserved women and girls the opportunity to become fully engaged in the prosperity of their local communities as well as advocating for public awareness of women’s economic issues and policy change at the local and state level.

Since its inception in September 2009 by founders June Tuttleman, Gayle Tauber and Linda Katz, Women Give San Diego has collectively granted $198,000 to nine partners. In their third grant cycle, $85,000 was proudly awarded to three fully vetted non-profits – Southwestern College Microenterprise Family Childcare Program, Casa Cornelia Law Center and Women’s Resource Center.

The demographic is richly unique and members come from a wide array of fields and industries. To capture the wisdom and experiences of each generation, the Jan Tuttleman Mentorship Program allows for the exchange of ideas and an opportunity for relationship building between the generations.

Women Give San Diego believes San Diego’s future is bright! Exemplary leaders are emerging and these are the leaders of tomorrow.
Women Give San Diego Featured in Giving Back Magazine: Women Give in Giving Back
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